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Nobility can be found in the ordinary Americans who became extraordinary for the most straightforward reasons: They loved their country so deeply and wholly and were willing to give their lives to keep it safe and free.  

War is a military confrontation between two armed groups or men. Yet, at the same time, war seems to present an image of heroic individuals upon whose supreme qualities its outcome depends. And for centuries, men have gone to wars expecting to discover and demonstrate their heroic abilities on the battlefield.  

A Hero In The Making

A hero is a typical individual who finds the strength to endure and preserve despite an overwhelming obstacle. Why is it highly salient to deduce true heroism in the true sense? People need to recognize and celebrate the heroes and their sheer behind them, having given their life to something bigger than themselves.

During their one-year tours, most American soldiers never witnessed large-scale battles or suffered through the terror of a jungle ambush. But when they did, dozens of men could die within minutes. Such revelation was unraveled in Daniel DeWald’s book about the 3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Division aiding in the Republic of South Vietnam from 1967 to 1970. The story is derived from battle scenes, operation reports, interviews, magazine articles, and experience incurred in battle conditions. The book describes the events and shows how unselfish and brave the unit responded to overcome enemy advances. It also shows the difficulties of decision-making under fire. The pressures of battle forced quick decisions and movements. Each man earned their grey feather, which was a symbol of each being brave in adverse conditions. We all watch each other’s back and ensure that all hostilities are met honorably and with force.

Sacrifices Must Never Be Forgotten

It is a proud entitlement to praise a good soldier with self-respect, discipline, always pride in his unit and country, a high sense of obligation and duty to comrades and his superiors, and self-confidence born of demonstrated ability. Generally, people imagine a hero as someone who gleans a degree of responsibility with his freedom. Yes, to be a soldier, one needs that extra, unique gene that allows a person to jump out of his comfort, something unimaginable to most of humanity. They are undoubtedly heroes who risk their lives daily to protect the world and always make it a better place—a hero who is selfless, generous in spirit and try to give wholeheartedly. The public should wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve and people’s gratitude. They must never forget that the highest appreciation is not just through words but to live by them. One must give the badge of honor to the soldier everywhere who courageously bears his country’s cause, heeds for his comrades in the field, and serves as best as he can.

Only real heroes sacrifice to lighten the mind and give him a sense of joy and peace. They are those who put themselves on the line and offer their safety for others and the greater good. He sees no limit to the horizon which opens before him. What these heroes do for themselves dies with them. Nevertheless, what they do for the world and others remains eternal.

It is nearly impossible for a country to pull through without a great army to shield it in times of military confrontations since an army is the pride of the nation. 

Concluding Remarks

One can imagine no more rewarding career. And any man (or soldier in this case) who may be asked at this time what he did to make his life valuable can respond with pride and satisfaction. The Army is the true nobility of one’s country as their actions inspire others to learn, dream, do more, and become more, which is saluting.

The brave never die, though they sleep in the dust. Their courage plucks a thousand living men. The true man in uniform fights not because he despises what is in front of him but because he cherishes what is behind him. A nation will stay as the land of the free as long as it is the home of the courageous, as the military vows to leave no stone unturned soldier behind on the battlefield.

As a nation, let the public pledge that they leave no veteran behind when they return home. These heroes represent the nation’s character with a long history of honor and patriotism – and a nation that has fought many battles to keep one’s country free from threats of terror. The soldiers that did not come back were the heroes. It is a roll of the dice. If a bullet has his name on it, he is a hero. If he hears a shot go by, he is a survivor. The journey of soldier life taught humanity that it is better to live for something better than die for nothing.

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