Led By Love of Country

2nd Edition

The story is about the 3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Division serving in the Republic of South Vietnam 1967-1970. The story is derived from operation reports, battle scenes, magazine articles, interviews, and experience incurred in battle conditions.

“Grey Feathers” by Daniel M. DeWald


Thought provoking, captivating, and engaging, author Daniel Dewald’s Grey Feathers: Led by Love of Country is a must-read non-fiction book. The chilling accounts and harrowing details the author delved into made this story feel both haunting yet honest, and the way the author was able to capture the dedication and service of the soldiers while also showing the hardships and struggles made for a memorable and worthwhile read.

– Jack Chambers, Pacific Book Review


Daniel M. DeWald was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and served in the U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division from August 1969 to August 1970. He had the rank of 1st Lieutenant and served as a combat platoon leader. As a result of the war, he received multiple commendation medals, including a Bronze Star for Valor (BSV) for saving people under hostile fire, a Silver Oak Leaf Cluster during a joint operation with the ARVN (Army of South Vietnam), an Air Medal, the Combat Infantryman’s badge, and others.


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